Forum Title: What Product Can I Use To fill In Old Screw Holes In Solid Vinyl Screen Doors?
I have two vinyl framed outside screen doors on my porch. I don't like the way one is mounted and would like to remount and square it in the door opening. My thought is to remove the door and it's mounting hinges. Then to fill in the existing holes with something (maybe some type of epoxy) that has enough strength and holding power to allow me to remount the hinges in a slightly different position. Some of the new mounting holes my overlap the old filled in holes. The door is white as are most vinyl screen doors so a product that dries white or clear would be best. What type of product can I use that will allow me to do this? Thanks
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: JENNIFER MILLER (Boynton Beach, FL), 01/26/2019

If you know the manufacturer you might be able to get the panel you need. Some doors are realativley easy and others not so much, depends upon manufacturer. You may be able to get a window shop to replace the glass. Bill

- NEIL GRAVES (Bloomington, IN), 02/05/2019

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