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We have 4 15-lite doors installed on the rear of our home - 3 together from the family room and one an exit from the master bedroom with transoms above. The rear of our house is unprotected (golf course in rear)- so receives full brunt of wind and rain. Our house is 5 years old and these doors leak terribly. It is a combination of poor installation (you can see daylight) and builder's grade doors (door frame rot). We want to replace the doors and received an estimate from Pella (installed $8000). We're interested in investigating other options and believe we're handy enough if this is a DIY project. Looking for recommendations for brands (Andersen Renewal, Jeld Wen, others?) and whether this is a DIY project - we're fairly handy have installed interior doors but concerned with what we're getting into (transoms etc). Understand you get what you pay for (we have the builder grade today with bad results) but don't want to spend more than necessary to solve our problem.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: WILLIE ROGERS (Thousand Oaks, CA), 01/11/2019

Just take a 7' x 7' hole in the wall and cover it wit R=1 and calculate the annual heat loss for your HDD. Then repeat with R=4 or whatever you figure the new assembly at and subtract those results from the first. Convert the BTU savings to the fuel you use at your current efficiency and cost and you have your yearly savings. A quick guess, I'd say $50 a year. But here is a great example of where ROI shouldn't be applied, this is a comfort issue and yes it saves energy, but the smile factor is much more important. Bud

- ROBERT WILLIAMS (San Angelo, TX), 02/14/2019

$8K, definitely look around!! Did you pick out the most expensive mahogany doors they had? I would opt for fiberglas doors. They weather much better than wood and aren't as gauche as metal doors. Do you plan on keeping the 15 light design, or will you be closing in a little for privacy?

- DORIS FLORES (Fall River, MA), 02/26/2019

Sorry...I have to disagree a little bit. (If I'm reading the post correctly)....I would never EVER recommend a newbie try and install a 3 panel unit as their first project. I'll bet that 2 open and one is fixed? That takes a certain amount of skill to be done correctly. A single door can be installed and adjusted after the fact relatively simply if a mistake is made...not so with a 3 panel. Very big, very heavy, and more prone to problems if not done correctly. Agreed...$8K is a bit crazy...but you are talking about a Pella factory store I imagine? Can't get much more expensive than that. And you mentioned transoms...are they part of the door or in separate framing?

- Jonty Griffith (Tampa, FL), 02/19/2019

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