Forum Title: repairing a vinyl thermal pane window
I have a bay window in my front room consisting of four individual vinyl sided thermal pane windows. The two outside windows have a turn crank to allow the windows to open and get air while the two inside are non-opening. The window in question is one of the inside windows with one of the thermal panes broken. Requesting help at my local hardware store, I was told to look for latches on the inside of the frame to unhook it and pull it out. (There are no latches.) There is some vinyl moulding between the windows but I only partially pulled that out for fear of making things worse. I want to make sure I am doing it right before I proceed. Can I remove this window myself and if so, how? The window is about 14 inches across by about 48 inches tall.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: BERNICE BANKS (Boca Raton, FL), 01/20/2019

I had some 400 series windows installed-but that was in conjunction with new siding, trim, etc.-and they are great! I don't know if they make the 400 as a replacement window. FWIW, we had 2 replacement windows installed (in our garage) after the fact-and they look fine. (Of course, they have a bit less glass area, given how they fit within the existing opening.

- Kevin Anderson (Tampa, FL), 02/18/2019

There doesnt appear to be any interior plugs at all, in fact, the entire interior seems to be seamless except for the four corners of the windows. Are the glazing strips NECESSARILY on the interior of the window? Are they on the interior AND exterior? It's too late for me to check the exterior due to darkness but you have me thinking that what I'm looking for may be on the exterior side. I am trying to remove the entire window frame and all, so measurements are unnecassary.

- Ron Allen (Newark, NJ), 02/28/2019

One thing I should add... if you are trying to remove the glazing strips... I use a chisel to start separating the glazing strip from the frame. The sharp point is usually the best thing to use to drive in about 1/16 until the strip starts to pull out. Then you need to pry the stop out toward the center of the glass (it's pushed into a kerf around the perimeter of the glass). You need to do this carefully because you don't want to scratch up the sash OR the glazing strip, because you have to reuse all those parts when it goes back together. Yes, glazing strips can be on the exterior. Gorell makes a window that has exterior stops and I'm sure others do too. Hope that makes sense.

- DONALD HERNANDEZ (Antioch, CA), 03/01/2019

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