Forum Title: Possible expensive mistake. Do I need this drywall return extension?
I just bought some double hung Marvin Integrity windows to replace some old aluminum windows that currently have sheetrock returns. My plan all along was to keep these returns when I removed my old windows. I'm replacing siding at the same time, which is why I went with a new construction window with nailing fins. So I started poking around the Integrity website this evening and notice that there is an optional accessory for sheetrock returns. I'm going to attempt to embed the images, but in the event that fails they are all here: Double Hung Windows: Interior View - Integrity Windows Sheetrock Return: So I walk out to my garage and sure enough that thingamajig isn't attached to my windows, which look exactly like: I can't figure out how that sheetrock thing is supposed to be used. Is it supposed to slip over the drywall and serve as a sort of screen moulding so you don't have to perfectly cut the drywall in a straight line? Is it something I needed or would/will have made my life a lot easier when it comes to installing these windows?
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: LORRAINE DAY (Des Plaines, IL), 01/10/2019

Do you plan on repainting the affected area to match? Is it already painted? Minwax epoxy wood filler can be mixed up to fill the holes, but it would require sanding and possibly touch up painting. That would be a strong repair. If you use something like silicone or caulk, there would be a strength problem as it would only fill the holes and offer no support. The minwax will dry a dull battleship gray, but after sanding off, will only leave the holes themselves that color.

- MARVIN VARGAS (Riverside, CA), 02/28/2019

I don't know that I wouldn't like the 100% drywall return as opposed to having those flanges . You still have to finish the corners, and I just think leaving them off and doing an old fashioned SR return will be much better. The industry is obviously trying to save us from ourselves, and we don't really need it.

- FRANKLIN PARKS (Springfield, MO), 02/19/2019

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