Forum Title: IGU replacement in Aluminum window frame
I have a failed IGU (insulated glass unit - dual pane) in an older aluminum window. I have another good IGU (from a spare old frame) that I wish to substitute for the failed unit. When I try to separate the IGU from the frame it is stuck to it by a black sealant. I tried using a breakoff knife and putty knife but they don't work. Without breaking the IGU, what is the best way to release the glass unit from the aluminum frame?
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: NICHOLAS COOPER (Dubuque, IA), 01/17/2019

Teresa, welcome to the forums! Most likely your problem is coming from the water having no where to exit once it gets into the well. Whoever installed the wells should have provided exit piping to either a lower part of the yard or into a dry wall system that would keep the water away from your foundation. In addition, I am not sure if the Bilko was installed during construction or post construction as an add on. The foundation should have been sealed from water intrusion from the OUTSIDE, using any number of methods in layers, then backfilled. The door instructions and common sense advise the proper layer method of underlayment and waterproofing that must be done for a proper installation. Look into your window wells and see if there is a drain. You may want to take some pix and post them for us to see. Call 811 to have the electric lines located and marked free of charge.

- Ron Allen (Newark, NJ), 02/23/2019

After doing all this work, you may find that the insulating glass unit may fail in a shot time since it was made at the same time as the other. Buy a new one which comes with a guarantee.

- BRITTANY BATES (Casper, WY), 02/23/2019

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