Forum Title: any way to know payback on replacing front door?
I'm sure it's a long time but i have a 36 inch wood door with 2 22 inch sides that are 60 years old and in winter when the door contracts you can feel the wind and the side wood panels are ice cold...i do have an interior door on foyer along with some 'thin' side panels aside of that door too but still, it's very chilly in the small foyer too. I'm assuming an install is around 3K or so for what i'd want, maybe a bit more. I'm sure ill notice a difference with no wind but any way to quantify what the savings would be?
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: WADE FRANCIS (Cary, NC), 01/02/2019

There is a fairly inexpensive partial solution. At home stores, look for window shrink wrap. It is a plastic film with material you stick around the edges, then stick the film to that and shrink it with a hair dryer. It will certainly help. But there are agencies that can force the landlord to make repairs. He is not allowed to force you to live that way.

- SARAH GONZALEZ (Laredo, TX), 03/05/2019

i used slantfin and set it for all the worst settings...6200 heat loss..boiler is about high 80s EFF if i remember correctly...the tiny bit of baseboard in there is immaterial at best..2 ft id say i changed the door and glass factor to the best and it about cut the btu in half to about 3000 but i dont know how to convert that into the savings or if i'm even doing it correctly lol but you are right, with alll that wind coming in, it has to be killing me having that large a space all drafty

- MARIE MITCHELL (Overland Park, KS), 02/05/2019

Q = U x A x HDD x 24 from Residential Energy by Krigger and Dorsi Q is your BTUs of heat loss U = 1/R A = surface area HDD = is your area's Heating Degree Days and then multiply by 24 to convert those HDD to hours. With R=1 and HDD=5800 we get 6.8 million BTUs With R=4 we get 1.7 million BTUs which is 1/4 of the first (1/r=4) The difference is 5.1 million BTUs If you are burning oil at 80% efficiency you're getting about 110,000 BTUs per gallon. Divide 5.1 million saved by 110,000 and you saved 46 gallons of fuel. At $3.50 per gallon you did better than I guessed = $161 with an estimated 18.6 year payback. Now, if the r=1 and r=4 initial guesstimates are close, then you have a reasonable answer. There's some additional air leakage and solar considerations if your door and side panels have glass, but this gives you a ball park to start with. Enjoy, Bud

- DANNY HENDERSON (Rock Hill, SC), 03/03/2019

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